Complete Guide for the SQL Database Monitoring

Business continuity for many companies now depends on the availability of IT services and components.

  • If a problem occurs, how quickly will the failure of a critical application be detected?
  • How complicated and how long will it take to analyze the symptoms and the root cause?
  • How long will it take to fix?

In many cases the database is that critical component. This is why efficient and proactive monitoring of SQL Server and Azure SQL DB is the most important task for IT Operations.

On October 17, 2017, Microsoft and VIAcode monitoring experts delivered a “Comprehensive Guide for Monitoring SQL Server and Azure SQL DB”. We provided a wide range of monitoring solutions that you can use to ensure that your business-critical databases are monitored 24/7… this includes SCOM, OMS, and other tools.

If you missed the live event, feel free to access the recording on VIAcode’s YouTube Channel.

The following subjects are covered in this video:

  • Microsoft’s first-party tools that are available for database monitoring.
  • Tools that are available for different scenarios.
  • How to choose the proper monitoring tool for your database.

To watch the video, please subscribe to VIAcode’s YouTube Channel or watch the video below: