The Secrets to Navigating Your Path to the Cloud

Cloud computing services continue to evolve rapidly – becoming both more powerful and more complex. Based on what you read in the trade press and from analysts, your company is probably either working in or thinking of migrating key computing and application functions to the Cloud. If you are still on sidelines and thinking of making a much bigger investment, the question you should ask yourself is a simple one that probably has a complex answer:

Is your Company ready for the Cloud?

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The Biggest Challenges in Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Developing apps for multiple mobile platforms is one of great challenges in software development. Technologists want similar performance across all platforms and device form factors, and they want to take advantage of the unique features that the leading mobile OSes – iOS, Android, and Windows – have to offer.  From an efficiency and cost perspective, cross platform development seems like the way to go; however, as the former head of the Windows division at Microsoft, Steven Sinofsky, points out in a recent podcast, the cross platform approach is fraught with challenges. There isn’t such a thing as a 100 percent cross platform app.  You can get close, but the last 20 percent of any mobile project is always custom to the OS and devices you’re building for.  So the real question is, when do you decide whether to go cross platform?

Here are the questions you should ask:

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Microsoft Is Truly A Cloud Leader

There is no doubt about it: Microsoft has become a Cloud leader. According to research from Pacific Crest Securities, Microsoft’s 2014 cloud revenues are on track to reach $4.4 billion. Microsoft is nipping at the heels of Amazon AWS’s estimated $5 billion in revenues and is within shouting distance of another market leader, IBM. Four years ago, Microsoft generated no revenues from Cloud services. Today, Microsoft has Cloud services that not only offer basic computing and storage, but a variety of cloud-based applications and services that are world-class. The Microsoft Cloud brings four, major advantages:

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